T-Rex bio-fuel-powered car generates solar electricity

Eco Factor: Low emission car design.

Whenever we talk of concept cars we all think about cars powered by futuristic fuel sources that no one has even thought of till now. Apart from being highly impractical, these cars mostly warn us about a weird future. However, car designer Ngoc Lan Huynh is different just like his design. His car of the future, which he calls the T-Rex, is powered by a very practical fuel source, bio-fuel, and generates electricity for all electronics using a roof lined with NANO glass that generates solar electricity.



The T-Rex design is an amalgamation of the best features of an off-road SUV and a conventional van with lots of interior space. It is aimed towards people who enjoy adventures and outdoor play without sacrificing either on luxury or the environment.


The Dark Side:

The monster wheels of this car could mean that the car will not be as fuel-efficient as some other designs available on the market today.


Via: MichelinChallengeDesign

Nissan Motivity 400C with Maglev System

Motivity 400C is a future car concept which is the latest creation of Nissan with brilliant visor and stunning functional features. This concept uses maglev’s engine system that has made it even powerful along with every tire that allows great control, functionality and style. The triangle shaped bode of this car reduces drag of air, therefore, this car provides superior acceleration and is able to save more power. Steering wheel of this design has been kept traditional so that the user can enjoy driving the car without any problem associated with unusual and newly designed wheels.






Designer : Tryi Yeh

TW Transporter Single Seater Magnetic Field Powered Vehicle Concept

TW Transporter is a single seater magnetic field powered concept vehicle that has been crafted by fascinating the future transportation means. This two wheeler vehicleincludes an on-board electricity powered mechanism and an electric engine that can generate a magnetic filed to run the large wheels. The rims of the wheel are suspended over superconducting fluids where the shifting magnetic field creates the required motion to propel the car. Thus, the motion and power generation is nearly noiseless, smooth and green. The seat of this vehicle offers the driver a balanced position in a cockpit and easy operation of the vehicle. There is a port at the back of the cockpit through which the driver will enter or leave the vehicle.




Designer : Harsha Vardhan via [EcoFriend]

Peugeot Loop: Urban automobile revolution with a green spin

The ancient world sports some breathtaking architecture that was way ahead of its time, and some of the buildings constructed by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were possible because the architects of the time were efficient and innovative enough to use the wheel in the right possible manner. So what has ancient construction to do with the modernautomobile industry and the concept of the Peugeot Loop? Well, it is the design that has uncanny similarity to the way wheels were used around 2000 years ago.

It is said that the ancient Romans and Egyptians transported blocks that were required for construction from the mining site to the actual building site by just using them as an axle between two giant wooden wheels. This innovative technique meant that there was plenty of space that was saved and a lot of extra weight that was avoided. It seems that the concept green car designed by Javierarturo Rivera takes a cue from the ancient concept, though it might be just a coincidence.


The Peugeot Loop is a vehicle for commuting in today’s cities and seems to be more tuned for mass transportation rather than to act as a personal commuting vehicle. The Loop has a very simple body design as the seating space is nothing beyond an axle between the two giant wheels. This does away with the construction of another exo-skeleton for the vehicle, reducing both the energy put into the construction stage and while running the vehicle. It looks pretty cool and is also “cool” toward the planet by giving you a comfortable zero-emission ride that is powered by an electric engine.


The car is controlled by an integrated central post which can operated by using a remote. This offers a public transportation facility that can work well within a certain limited radius. The Loop can accommodate four people. Hopefully more such green design would mean that we could have roads filled completely with zero-emission vehicles in the near future.



Thanks: Javierarturo Rivera

Peugeot Facile – A versatile green vehicle for future roads

EcoFactor: An electric concept car that can assume the shape of an electric trike or even an electric monocycle when needed.

The Peugeot Facile is one electric vehicle that sure knows how to adapt with changing conditions and needs. Designed by Thierry Dumaine, the concept car can shift from being a complete car to a tricycle or even a monocycle so that it fits the needs of the driver. The car is powered by an electric engine and that engine can be used to power both the trike and even the monocycle version of the Facile. Apart from being a zero-emission vehicle, it also reduces energy consumption by assuming the minimal required shape that suits the needs of the consumer. It also makes sure that you do not get stuck in the traffic anymore as you can just pull out the monocycle and ride away (After safely securing the remainder of the Facile).



The Dark Side:

The concept of Facile sounds both overdone and pretty common. The look of the car and the features seem like a mundane repetition of the old concept car designs. Hopefully the creators of these green future vehicles will come up with designs that are a lot more realistic and surely more original.



Via: Leblogmoto