10 Wireless Headphones For Music Aficionado

Music makes our long commutes enjoyable, it easies us out from an overwhelming workload or a long day at the office, and even from a bad breakup. To enjoy sweet melodies we need headphones that make listening to our favourite song or artists an unforgettable experience. But, finding the right pair of wireless headphones amidst all the option is tough.

To save your time on the internet, we have done some research on the best pair of wireless headphones for the best sound experience.

Here are the 10 best buy wireless headphones for music lovers:

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: V-MODA

1. V-MODA 

Headphones – $329.99

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The stylish V-MODA Crossfade 2 offers, ultra clarity – feel the music the way it originally created by your favourite musicians. Its rich, customizable designs beat every other wireless headphone in this price range.

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Plantronics

2. Plantronics 

Headphone – $79.99

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Enjoy up to 18 hours of non-stop music on a single charge. This wireless headphone by PPlantronicsBackBeat 500 series is lightweight with the comfy cushioned design. 40-millimetre audio drivers and advanced acoustics technology deliver an immersive sound experience.  Now, don’t just listen to your favourite songs, feel the music too!

Available in three colours —white, grey with neon green, and Black

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: JBL

3. JBL Duet BT

Headphone – $80.78

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It’s a sleek, stylish and comfortable, leather ear pads complement its design. The bass-dominated sound quality perfect for watching movies, gaming, and pop songs. It delivers up to 16 hours music on a single charge.

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Focal

4. Focal

Headphone – $299

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It delivers exceptional audio performance, thanks to 40mm Mylar / Titanium audio drivers. Heat-sensitive comfy, broad earpads for optimum comfort. Other key features include USB port and take calls at a click. With up to 20 hours of listening, you get the freedom to enjoy music anywhere, anytime.

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Skullcandy

5. Skullcandy

Headphone – $62.46

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Enjoy true music on wireless headphone from Skullcandy. It delivers an incredible sound experience and long listening hours for up to 12 hours. It’s a Perfect match for a music aficionado!

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Bose


6. Bose

Headphone – $329

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Premium audio performance with the feature of world-class noise-cancellation that makes music sound better. An unmatched battery life (up to 20 hours) is enough to play your entire playlist at a party.

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: AKG

7. AKG Bluetooth Headphone

Headphone – $122.79

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Take the music appreciation to a new level with The AKG Y50BT wireless headphones. It’s a lightweight, 40mm driver for powerful audio experience and up to 20 hours of battery life.

Available in three colours: blue, red, and black

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Beats Solo3

8. Beats Solo3

Headphone – $199.99

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Enjoy 3 hours of playback with just 5 minutes of charging. It delivers exceptional sound and amazing listening hours of (up to 40 hours on a single charge). With the introduction of W1 technology in Beats Solo3 enables seamless iPhone pairing.

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Even

9. Even Earprint H2 Wireless

Headphone – $295.67

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A wireless headphone by Even comes with a breakthrough – Earprint technology which personalizes music sound – Install the H2 app, after a test – it customizes the sound according to your hearing. A battery of more than 20 hours gives you the power to enjoy music anywhere

wireless headphones
Image Courtesy: Bowers Wilkins

10.  P5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Headphone – $294

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A stunning design, marvellous craftsmanship and enticing sound quality is a dream come true for music lovers. It comes with a battery life of up to 17 hours. Continue listening to music even after you run out of battery by connecting a bundle audio cable.

Our guide we make things easier for you, this list of best buy will surely help you find your perfect pair to enjoy music, gaming or movies.


Gone are the days when your mom used to say – Video games are bad for your health.

With the coming of advanced gaming gadgets such as motion sensors & controllers – Video games have now become a new source for quick physical activities. You can do things like jumping, dodging, and flailing around the room to move your player in the game.

We’ve listed out our 10 best gaming gadgets and accessories recommendations to experience the gaming at a new level. Explore your true gaming potential here:

gaming gadgets
Image Courtesy: Amazon

Ride skateboard lets you feel the thrill of skateboarding. It features motion-sensing technology, a smart sensor, and good grip, which makes it possible to experience skateboarding in the comfort of your own home.

Image Courtesy: Amazon
  1. CTA Digital Wii Knockout Boxing Gloves

The Wii Knockout Gloves from CTA Digital are perfect for video game brawlers that want to add a touch of reality to their gaming experience. With these gloves, you get the real-deal feel and work-out of being inside a bare-knuckle, ruthless fight.

The right glove has a pouch on the backside of the hand where the Wii Remote fits, while the left has a sleeve inside the palm for the Nunchuk. There is also an adjustable Velcro strap located at the wrists so you can tighten to fit the level of your comfort.

All in all, the Wii Knockout Gloves are sure to make any gamers, whether novice or expert, put up and throw down for some savage video game beat-downs.

gaming gadgets
Image Courtesy: Amazon

This gadget has it all – It mimics the real bowling ball with critical motions feature that is required for a ‘striking’ performance”. The CTA Digital making these bowling ball gadgets advices gamers to fasten the wrist strap for their own safety.

gaming gadgets
Image Courtesy: Amazon



Fan of star wars? Nope. Still, you can enjoy the game by smashing these swords while protecting your realm. Challenge your friends to a fight, and enter the world of the fantasy together.

gaming gadgets
Image Courtesy: Amazon



 Bring home gaming speakers by Razer Ferox to elevate your gaming standard. Mini portable gaming speakers with 360° omnidirectional sound that offers you a perfect surround sound experience.

gaming gadgets
Image Courtesy: Amazon



Performing balance exercise, doing the one-legged yoga pose or karate kicks on EA Sports Active. This device represents your real-life moves on screen for a larger than life gaming experience.

Image Courtesy: Amazon



Now do all kinds of stuff like setting the hook, casting, jigging, and reeling a fish. Catch fish like you do in real-life. This device brings a realistic fishing experience to your gaming consoles.

Also, take extra caution while playing – as there are no straps to keep the pole in place.

Image Courtesy: Amazon

 It’s a new way to PLAY! It uses an advanced motion controller with gestures control. It lets you jump, duck spin and do a lot more fun activities. So, bring your friends to your home to enjoy a day full of unique adventure.

Image Courtesy: Amazon

Now fulfil your long-awaited dream to sit in a cockpit. This coolest gadget comes with a three lever throttle speeding and it provides smooth controls like a real plane does.

Image Courtesy: Amazon
  1. WII 8-IN-1 BUNDLE

Experience reality in gaming – Buy this WII 8-IN-1 Bundle to play fighting, adventure and shooting games with more authenticity. This whole kit includes various weapons like sword, gun, short knife, axe, and shield.

What’re you waiting for Christmas? Buy these amazing gaming gadgets now. Bring over your friends, and share a gaming experience like never before!

Best selling 10 home theatre projectors for Gaming & Cinema lovers

Home theatre projectors are an affordable way to experience cinema at home. Even, the large big screen TVs can’t promise the viewing experience like that.

A home theatre projector that can deliver a mesmerizing picture quality, from stunning HD models to 4K picture, here are our best 10 home theatre projectors picks available in the market:

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Epson
  1. Epson PowerLite 2040

Epson PowerLite 2040 offers an impressive 1080p resolution, as well as 3-D content support and a lamp that can last up to 7,500 hours in power saver mode. It has brilliant contrast ratio, and a wide range of connectivity options makes it an affordable and best buy!

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Optoma
  1. Optoma S341

The S341 Home theatre projector by Optoma has a superb lamp life that can last up to 10,000 hours. The device’s graphics display resolution is lower with just (800 by 600 pixels). However, Optoma offering a 3,500 lumens’ of brightness, combined with a top-grade contrast ratio.

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Optoma
  1. Optoma EH416

It offers 1080p resolution and 3-D content support. It has ultimate contrast ratio and colour reproduction and superb brightness (4,200 lumens). Added features of Connectivity include HDMI ports and a duo of audio inputs.

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Sony
  1. Sony VPLHW45ES

The Sony VPLHW45ES model has superior contrast ratio and brightness with display 1080p content, Plus a 3-D footage feature. It has a built-in fan for cooling that’s extremely quiet.

Added features & benefits include:

  • Handy image calibration
  • Long-lasting lamp (up to 6,000 hours)
  • Three-year warranty
home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Epson
  1. Epson Home Cinema 1040

Although Epson has several projectors under $500, they only have display support of a 720p or lower resolution.  If you want to experience a real Home cinema experience with rich picture quality and full 1080p resolution — buy Epson Home Cinema 1040, also it can project images at up to 300 inches in size and It works well for both gaming or movies. It has an excellent brightness, two HDMI ports, and one of the only Home Theater Project with rich-features at this price range.

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Sony
  1. Sony VPLVW285ES

Looking for a projector that can deliver 4k, your search ends here.  The Sony VPLVW285ES comes with motion-flow technology, so during fast-moving scenes, it reduces blur and displays crystal clear picture. The stunning brightness that displays images up to 200 inches in size, and it offers a vivid colour range and has a 225-watt lamp with up to 6,000 hours.

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Sony
  1. Sony VPL-HW40ES

This projector is the advanced version of its previous model Sony VPLHW45ES; it displays magnificent colours and has a quality of displaying 1080p. Its lamp is not very long lasting, but it supports 3-D content via optional 3-D glasses by Sony.


home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: BenQ


  1. BenQ HT2050

It’s a premium home theatre projector that displays Full HD content. The setup is easy, supports 3D footage with two HDMI ports, and added MHL compatibility for connecting to any device in the room.

The HT2050 model by BenQ fan produce little noise, but spectacular colours with added features compensate and makes it a good value for money.

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Epson
  1. Epson Powerlite 3500

Epson Powerlite 3500 is a great way to enjoy movies, shows or games. It has a stunning display with 1080p resolution and 3-D content support. It also offers MHL support, so you can now connect a mobile device to the projector. What’s more? You can even connect VGA- VCRs PCs. isn’t it great!

home theatre projectors
Image Courtesy: Optoma


  1. Optoma HD142X

It’s the most affordable home theatre projectors with Full HD resolution. It features a massive screen size of up to 305 inches, supports 3-D footage and it has a long-lasting lamp with up to 8,000 hours. Plus, built-in 10W speaker, two HDMI ports, and bundled backlit remote control that makes the HD142X model by Optoma a real bargain!

One thing you should keep in mind while purchasing a projector, its brightness – the higher brightness, means the device will be able to produce stunning images.

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Learn How To Become A YouTube Superstar Overnight

From ignoring trends to keeping understanding when your audience views are in the low digits. The way people view and rate content is rapidly changing and more YouTubers are in the search of becoming the next YouTube star.

One famous YouTuber said in an interview, “I really have a greater gathering of people in my channel than the TV organization I used to work for”, he further emphasized the importance of YouTube for new businesses and how every person with the right tools can become a YouTube star.

The best thing about this is we are characterizing a ton of things. Here are 7 steps that will help you in becoming a YouTube star overnight:



A lot of  YouTubers take a look at what is famous on the online video platform and replicate it. Superstar YouTubers proposed that there may be a vastly improved beginning stage in light of what they’re not viewing.

For most, from the earliest starting point, it was “What are they missing? What might they want to see?”. Many individuals were focused on “What do people watch? What is the most celebrated and cool thing at this moment?” Possibly that is not the right way to become a YouTube star.



No one uploads their first video to YouTube and turns into a huge YouTube star straight away – and when they do, that doesn’t mean they can repeat it. It is required for makers to be patient and continue working without end.

You need to remember that it requires a long investment. Famous YouTubers invested a great deal of energy has only 30 people viewing their videos in the initial state! And after that, there is one minute where everyone shares it, and they come back to your old recordings. So there isn’t a minute wasted on the way.


All things being equal, these days, people can get up and running at zero cost on the off chance that they have a reasonable cell phone in their pocket. Flip it and you can make a video. You are burning zero dollars and you can monetize those videos and when you grow you get money.

In any case, once that money comes in, it might be worth putting Investment into an appropriate camera, which might be more moderate than you might suspect. These days it’s not costly to have equipment that will make your content look great.


YouTube star, Luzu runs his channel with one other individual, his sweetheart. As he has grown, he has opposed the impulse to begin procuring a large group. “We don’t need to bother with crews,” he said. “You truly simply require maybe a couple of people.

I could do some of these formats independent from anyone else, however despite everything it achieves a huge number of individuals and that is on the grounds that it depends on identity and what you’re stating.”

He included that he saves the energy to compose, introduce yet additionally advertise and even handle the bookkeeping. “We get the chance to wear every one of these caps that in a production company diverse individuals on the group would wear.”


A typical subject for YouTuber stars is that they don’t simply communicate with their fans on YouTube: most invest a considerable measure of energy in Twitter, Facebook and other social stages and applications – it’s as vital a piece of the employment as making the videos in any case. “I certainly invest a considerable measure of energy in online networking.

There is a consistent exchange with the group of viewers,” said Luzu. “Here individuals are looking at somebody without flinching when they are viewing a vlogger, they are feeling associated and they need to converse with that person.” Prior, he’d communicated comparative assumptions.

“It’s something that accompanies YouTube: individuals feel to a great degree associated with content makers. Makers are connected with individuals who watch their videos, and you need them to feel like that,” he said. “It’s altogether different to conventional media: you keep a steady discussion.

Online networking is an extraordinary way to draw in with the gatherings of people when you’re not uploading videos, to enable them to feel some portion of what you’re doing. And also helps you to become a more humble YouTube star.


One of the demonstrated courses for YouTube stars to fabricate their gatherings of people is by teaming up with each other, with growing channels ready to rapidly get supporters through a smart collab with a greater  YouTube star.

Luzu said one key to discovering colleagues is to search for individuals at your level who are additionally on their way up. He additionally proposed that it’s insufficient just to need to work together: YouTubers need to think what they have that is unique to convey to another video with another person, as opposed to sitting in on whatever they do as of now. For instance: liveliness or melodic aptitudes, or access to an intriguing area.

‘Conventional TV seeing for youngsters and teens is dead. Not passing on. Dead.’ Luzu additionally proposed that email may not be an ideal way to contact a well known YouTube star about a joint collab: “I have around 200,000 new messages!” he stated, before taking note of that when he was growing, he’d discovered Twitter helpful for connecting with different creators.


All YouTube stars begin with a single channel, however, Luzu said that as his channel got more prominent, he wanted to dispatch the others to keep away from a one-measure fits-all way to deal with his videos.

”Depending upon the objective that you’re attempting to get to there may be an alternate language to get to them. Children like certain things, and teenagers different things, and grown-ups different things.”

He said that this is the reason Luzu has one channel concentrated on gaming, which contacts a more youthful group of onlookers, and another with to a greater degree a question-and-answer design, which requests more to teenagers and after that grown-ups need more content. That is the reason I have three channels,” he said.

Courtesy – Born Realist

Top 5 Awesome Fitness Gadgets Of 2017 On Amazon

You run every morning to burn calories and maintain a perfect body shape. It’s a natural way to keep your health in check, but do you exactly know your progress, or where you need to work more. This is where Fitness gadgets come to help you improve technique, monitor progress, and train you to achieve a set target.

Gadgets & fitness tech can help you identify the weak areas, and also provide you tips & training to become a pro-runner.

While a digital watch, sweatpants, and trainers are on every runner’s top list, but we have gone an extra mile to bring you fitness gadgets that could help you become the next Usain Bolt.

Here are 5 awesome fitness gadgets for every runner:

fitness gadgets
Image Courtesy: Flipbelt


  • Comfy, soft fabric, secure pouch
  • Size ranging – 23- to 41-inch waist
  • Water-resistant – NO

FlipBelt is one of the sleek ways to carry your essentials – credit card, phone, energy bar, keys etc.

fitness gadgets
Image Courtesy: FlipBelt

You just need to wrap it around your waist, pull the stretchy fabric to put things securely. It has adjustable belts, and straps for your comfort. Most packs bounce & chafe, but with flipBelt, you don’t really feel uncomfortable or bulky.

fitness gadgets
Shapeheart Armband
  1. Shapeheart ArmbandHR TRACKER + PHONE HOLSTER


Most runners prefer space-saving device, and Shapeheart Armband serves two purposes it’s a heart tracker and carries your phone too.

Shapeheart magnetic case can hold your phone. It’s your go-gadget for long runs, you can easily detach your phone from Armband to make calls, and take running selfies.

fitness gadgets
Image Courtesy: Shapeheart Armband

Plus its data syncs with any running app like Nike+,  Runkeeper, and Strava to keep you motivated and move your training in the right direction.

It’s far more accurate than a smartwatch.  As in a smartwatch, there is a gap between sensor, and wrist that may not show right HR stats.

fitness gadgets
Image Courtesy: Jaybird


  • Customize Sound
  • 8 hours Battery Life
  • Sweat-Proof Design

The third generation of series X – Jaybird X3 neckband-style wireless headphones has good audio. Plus with a MySound app, you can pump up your running sessions, change the levels according to your preference.

The lightweight Bluetooth headphones are an easy fit and feel comfortable on the move.

fitness gadgets
Image Courtesy: Altra Torin IQ


  • Live foot metrics
  • Coaching tips
  • CADENCE – Pulse rate

Shoe sensor designed to give you live foot strike stats of your every step on the ground which are stored on the Altra IQ app. It monitors every move of your like how hard you hit the ground; impact rates data helps to avoid injury of any kind.

It also provides you live pulse rate to keep you aware of the appropriate rate for current running pace. With live coaching tips, you can improve running technique, and ultimately become a pro runner!

fitness gadgets
Image Courtesy: Life Beam VI



  • I Trainer
  • Play Music
  • Attend Calls

Vi is an AI personal trainer who motivates, give suggestions, and tips while you run.

It’s a future of fitness device with the bio-sensing earphones that can easily track your heart rate speed, elevation, distance, and cadence.

Image Courtesy: Life Beam VI

It tracks your location, and weather too, that allows her to give right advice when it comes to achieving your fitness goal.

Now, you know the best 5 awesome fitness devices that can help you to get back your perfect body shape. Buy it now on Amazon – Start your fitness Journey today!

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Porsche Electric Car Dominate Frankfurt Motor Show

The new innovation in automobile industry promises spectacular futuristic electric cars for us. All Automobile giants like Porsche, BMW, Jaguar and much more are competing in hybrid and electric cars to create the future of Automobiles industry.

The Frankfurt Motor show, Germany, it’s one of the biggest international motor show in the world. The following major introduction was showcased at the 2017 show.

The luxury cars that presented there include The Nissan Leaf 2018 Electric car, Jaguar F-Pace, BMW Zippy I Vision Dynamics, and much more.

electric cars
Image Courtesy: Porsche

At Frankfurt Motor show, Porsche showed off its much-awaited a fully Electric car. According to the official information, the All-new Porsche Mission E is expected to hit the road at the end of 2019.

The new generation Porsche Mission E is estimated around $85,000. Earlier, the company made an announcement that they will bring the new Electric Cars in the market by the end of 2020; however, the company has already unveiled the car’s model at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show which may seem that car is going to hit the roads soon.

electric cars
Image Courtesy: Porsche

Before launching it for the General public in the market, the company has to test the car and for testing purpose, they may soon announce the dates to test out this car. Porsche Mission E Electric Car has a sporty look and four doors which open in a different way.

Since we still are waiting to know more about this new car from the company. As they have not revealed any specifications of this new concept Electric car. But, don’t be disheartened, as during the show the company had shared few things that one can expect from this car.


Image Courtesy: Porsche

As per the official statement by the Porsche spokesperson –  the all-new Porsche Mission E Electric car’s features include:


You can easily cover 300 miles journey on a single charge in your Porsche Mission E Electric Car. The other feature you might see in the new generation fully electric car is fast-charging. With 350kW you can recharge the battery in no time.

Image Courtesy: Porsche

Porsche has promised to bring technologically advanced features to this electric Car. It will install and update software automatically. So, you don’t have to manually update the car’s software.

Image Courtesy: Porsche

Apart from this, it will have a display which will move according to the drive, if your drive goes left or right, the display shows the same things with a clear view. Also, it will have a built-in eye tracking technology feature that allows drivers to select menu settings using their eyes. The camera will capture your eye-movement and it will do things accordingly.

Image Courtesy: Porsche

Additionally, it will not have exterior mirrors, but the camera at all sides making it the futuristic car.

Gone are the days, when electric cars were just fuel efficient, as Porsche Mission E electric car is surely breaking the odds and changing the trend with its stunning design and beauty.

Proterra’s Electric Bus Breaks a World Record with 1,100 Mile Trip

In today’s time, people are looking for ways to cut down fuel costs and reach faster to their destination. And with the depleting energy source and increasing oil rates, there is a sudden need for a technology to cater to the million users and provide transit solutions at affordable cost. With that, many companies are working towards a mission to make everyday commute or transportation efficient, reliable, and safer for people.

electric bus
Image Courtesy: Proterra

Recently, an electric-bus startup Proterra completed a world record by test-driving the vehicle for 1,100 miles on a single charge.  It’s making a revolution in transportation business as these battery-electric buses help to reduce fossil fuels consumption, operating costs, and environment-friendly with zero-emission.

Proterra is way ahead than Tesla’s 300-plus-mile battery range electric cars. It has shown battery-powered electric buses are taking over the transportation. Its overall operating cost is less than any diesel, hybrid or CNG transit vehicle.

According to the Researchers at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, as per their prediction – electric cars going to cost low compared to petrol or diesel cars in the U.S. and Europe by 2025. The team of analysts at Wood Mackenzie has predicted sales data; shows a hit to 100 million electric car users by 2035.

electric bus
Image Courtesy: Proterra

With the coming of Proterra, everyone is seeing a new trend in the industry as electric vehicles are not limited to cars; a lot more innovation is happening to provide solutions for energy efficient transit. Many big companies are investing in electric buses, trucks and shipping vans too. Even, Tesla has some plans to showcase an electric semi-truck by next month.

Proterra builds and sells electric buses to cities like Seattle, New York and Dallas. Its newest-generation battery fitted in electric buses has a range of around 350 miles. And it’s better than most of the popular electric cars, as they can only go around 200 miles.

Image Courtesy: Proterra

Company’s spokesperson said, to meet the demands of the transit agency in America, where buses often run 40,000 miles a year. They needed batteries that are safer, have a high performance, and that can last longer.

Earlier Proterra used lithium-titanate oxide battery, which was supplied by Toshiba on a shorter-range. The Later company worked with LG Chem and shifted to lithium-ion batteries in their electric bus.  They saw a major difference, as LG Chem’s lithium-ion batteries; have an energy density of 160 watt-hours per kilogram.

Image Courtesy: Proterra

To date, Company has successfully raised a big investment of 195 million from various automobile giants in the market such as BMW iVentures, Generation Investment Management, BMW’s venture fund. Other investors include GM Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, General Motors, Mitsui, Tao Capital Partners, and much more.

This is not the only company making electric buses. A battery and vehicle maker named BYD from China has made electric buses for many years for the Chinese market.

Currently, Tesla doesn’t have any plans for an electric bus, but surely is interested in doing so – says Tesla – CEO Elon Musk.

People in the trucking market are looking forward to Tesla’s semi-truck. But, Proterra says they are not planning to compete in the long-haul truck segment. They have still a long road ahead in the electric buses. They are working to bring the extended range Catalyst E2 to the roads soon.

A Boon for Sketchers: ReMarkable

We still have a long way off from Paperless future, which was predicted at the coming of the computer age, but one can say that paper and handwritten notes are passé in the internet age, as we hardly use it.


This a lightweight and power-efficient E-Ink tablet popularly known as “ReMarkable.”


Now you can relive the times of doodling on this electronic paper. Its advanced pigment-based technology doesn’t need a backlight, so viewability is not an issue and can run for weeks on a Single Charge. It cost you just $599.

See the specs below for more information:


  • 1874 X 1404 RESOLUTION (226 PPI)
  • 1 GHz ARM A9 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • WEIGHT: 12.3 OZ. (350 G)
  • DIMENSIONS: 6.9″ X 10.1″ X 0.26″ (177 MM X 256 MM X 6.7 MM)


Previously, there were limitations to E-ink tablet response-time. It used to refresh the screen for every change, which took a lot of time. Now it’s faster, and response time is better.

The look and feel of ReMarkable is more like a paper; it has silver magnesium back and evokes a feeling as if you’re sketching, scribbling or writing on a real paper.

The light grey E-Ink tablet has a diagonal screen size of 10.1-inch, it is bordered by a white border. At the bottom, you will find square buttons. The centre one is your home button and right and left ones for page navigation.

There is silver button along the top edge for sleep and power. It takes almost 10 seconds to startup, but if you put it on sleep mode, it wakes up faster. WATCH IT HERE!

When you tap the home screen, you get three options: My Files, file and page management and the thumbnail display. On the left edge, you get an access to the E-books, Documents, Notebooks, and Bookmarks. Tap on the top edge, to add Quick sheets, notebooks and folders. You can name each document and it also gives you the option to change display settings between the list view and large thumbnails.


It has an easy interface, responsive touchscreen, and the best part you can use the stylus-pen marker or even your finger to access any feature in the menu item.


The palm rejection, tilt recognition, and no need to charge batteries make this stylus-pen marker a smart one. It pairs automagically and draws the power directly through the screen via inductive charge.

There are numerous options for pencils, markers, pens etc. and you can even select the size options, and tip style according to your requirement. The on-screen results are impressive and realistic. It looks like as if you are drawing it with a real pencil.

Its pressure sensitivity doesn’t stand anywhere when you compare it with an iPad or surface pro, but Tilt sensitivity is far more impressive.


The eraser works fine, but its eraser marquee selection tool is a better option if you want to completely erase a certain area. You can perform this task by marking the area with stylus –pen

It has 8 GB of internal storage to hold your data. It can be synced with the desktop app or mobile app. And by installing a desktop app you get added benefits of importing PDFs, PNGs, e-pub books. Yes, you can read books too.

It is a perfect gadget for the creative minds, to relive those days of writing and doodling on paper.

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Courtesy – Tecdolls

6 Extraordinary Benefits of Integrating Live Chat With a Knowledge Base

If you are running a business with an online presence, you have probably heard about live chat and how it can benefit you. If you don’t have a live chat on your website, then you should get one as soon as possible. Live chat tools are dubbed to be one of the most effective customer support solutions for online customers and a lot of businesses are able to utilize them effectively.


Even though website live chat can bring innumerable benefits, you can improve them even further by integrating it with a knowledge base. A knowledge base is an information hub where businesses can store a lot of important information. It can be used both internally and externally.


The external use is when a knowledge base is open for potential customers to go through it and seek valuable information. Internal usage is when a business accesses vital information to improve other processes. In this case, we are talking about internal use. So let’s find out how this integration can help improve your business.

You can deliver valuable information almost instantly

The first thing that will improve with this integration is the work speed of your live chat agents. Customers and potential customers can ask your agent’s different questions when talking to them through live chat and no matter how skilled and informed your agents might be, they won’t always have all the answers stored in their mind.

In these situations, live chat agents have to find the information needed quickly to avoid keeping the customers waiting for the valuable information they need.

With an integrated knowledge base that has all of the important information sorted and neatly organized, a customer support agent will be able to search and find the information instantly and deliver the necessary documentation to customers very quickly.

This means that customers will be satisfied with your service and that that they will remain loyal to your business for a long time. Customers don’t like waiting and one of the things that they pay attention to the most is the speed of service.

Your agents will always deliver accurate information

A well-designed knowledge base has a lot of valuable information stored within. All of this information is relevant, clearly written, sorted and searchable. Most knowledge base systems have search engines which are quite similar to those that various web browsers use.


This means that live chat agents can type the relevant keywords to find the exact information they need. When an agent doesn’t have a sure answer to provide to visitors, he or she can enter the knowledge base, search for the required information and find it almost instantly, if it’s available.


This is how your agents will always provide customers with the right information and reduce their mistakes to a minimum. Additionally, if an agent isn’t sure whether or not he has the right information, he can check it in the knowledge base quickly, just to make sure that the provided information is accurate.

Monitoring visitors

Most comprehensive live chat solutions have real-time monitoring features that allow them to track the current visitors on your website and see how they behave, where they encounter problems, what interests them the most and what makes them leave your site.

However, like we said, you can see their behaviour in real-time which has certain benefits, but if you are able to store all of this information in your knowledge base constantly, you will be able to analyze it and learn important things from it.

Through this information, you will be able to recognize trends and patterns and learn about the problems visitors have with your website. When you know what bothers the visitors, you will be able to improve your service and ensure that more people stay on your site and engage with it.

Create your own unique brand voice

When you implement a knowledge base in all of your customer support channels and not just with your live chat, you will be able to create perfect consistency, which means a lot when it comes to building a reliable brand.

First of all, if you organize your live chat agents to base their work around your knowledge base, it means that all of them will learn new information from it and provide guidance to customers through it as well.

This means that the same answers, information and documentation will be shared with everyone consistently. Standardized high-quality support with set-in-stone methodologies will provide a great experience to customers and when a brand is consistent it is considered as reliable.

Gathering answers

Not only that a knowledge base integration can be used to provide answers, but it can also be used for gathering and storing them. Not sure what it means? When a certain website visitor contacts a live chat agent and starts talking about the problems he or she is having, that agent will work on giving the right solutions for the problems and helping a potential client.

When a conversation has ended with a positive result, the answer provided for a certain question can be stored and documented within the knowledge base.

Why? Simply put, the next time another person comes in with the same question, the agent won’t have to go through the same process again, and he or she can simply look for the answer within the knowledge base, which will definitively be helpful as it has solved the issue in the past.

Gathering customer feedback

A business can learn a lot through live chat conversations as customers are willing to give their input and share what is bothering them, which problems they are having, what confuses them, and what would be a good course of action in their opinion. This is all valuable information that needs to be analyzed to see whether or not there is something real within it.

A knowledge base integration allows you to store all of the customer feedback on which a business can later reflect, and find ways to improve its services and business value. A business that listens to its customers and looks to improve for them is more likely to grow and keep a loyal base of customers that will help it stay stable in the future.


These are the six amazing ways in which knowledge base and live chat integration can be beneficial for a business organization. Make sure that you utilize this as soon as possible and learn how to use these tools properly. A company that takes care of its customers is one that remains standing in the end, so pay attention to what your customers want!

Why Seomator Is The Right SEO Tool For Website?

Targeting blindly doesn’t work in SEO. You first have to do the analysis of competition, keywords, existing links, crawl errors, HTML improvements, page speed, and so much more.

By doing so, you will be able to make the user experience better at your website. But, it can be really difficult to check everything manually, and there are many tools available online to make your life easier.

For example SEMrush, Woorank, Majesticseo, Ahrefs, Seranking, etc. which you can use for different purposes. I recently used one more SEO tool, Seomator – With Seomator you can monitor your web projects with a variety of easy-to-use tools.

I logged into my premium account and added my website: to know the feedback and suggestions to improve it. Once the tool finished checking, I was able to get the full report and analysis of each page in detail.

Why Use Seomator?

It is the best SEO tool that is specially designed for SEO practitioners to do website analysis and site audit. It’s a great tool that allows you to review website’s performance, spy on competitors, and count social sharing.

Take a look at some of the benefits and features of Seomator:


It helps to do microdata reports, social reports and much more. Always keep an eye on your competitors’ rankings, and your website backlinks, keywords, SERP data, AdWords ad and search volumes.

With accurate data, insights, and statistics you get to know how your business website or blog is performing online, and results give you a chance to further make changes, and improvements.

The best thing about Seomator is their support team takes your suggestions and implements those ideas to improve their platform experience


CONTENT QUALITY: This tab shows the content report related to plagiarized / duplicate content within your website. It helps you identify the similar content, issues related to low ranking and solutions to fix it.


HTML TAGS:  To optimize the content some HTML tags are important in SEO such as Meta tags, heading Tags, EM and strong tags. This tool allows you to identify missed or duplicate tags and how to correct it.


TEXT STATISTICS: whether you write content for website or blog – One thing you should always keep in mind never repeat words or phrases.

Repetition of words or keywords in the blog post referred as keyword Density.  For best SEO practice it is advised to keep Keyword density below the 6%. In my opinion, you should not forcefully try to fit keyword, if it is going with the flow of content, then it’s good.

So, with the help of Seomator tool, you get to know about the words which are repeated and easily can change to make it perfect.



MOBILE USABILITY:  It helps you to know how your website is performing on various devices. So, you will be able to correct the issues related to user experience. Also, it’s an important factor in Google mobile search ranking.


STRUCTURED DATA: It is a way to label content according to a type of information, such as review, events, and person information.



SITE STRUCTURE: This report shows the website’s pages structure. A good example of site structure will have smaller no. of levels as that adds convenience for indexing site by web crawlers.



INTERNAL LINKS: It analysis the incoming, and outgoing links such as text links, image links. To increase the Page weight, there should be more incoming links and less outgoing links. Search engines get to know about the authority, and importance of the pages through its incoming links.


PAGE SPEED:  In the online medium speed is important. Users coming to your website expect fast load times. It also impacts traffic to your website and ranking in organic search results.


SOCIAL MEDIA: This option provides summarized report of social media likes shares and even display links to pages of your blog or website.



BACKLINKS: It provides you with a comparison chart for follow vs. No follow links and it gives you the number of backlinks, referred at the site, and analytics as well.


ORGANIC PRESENCE: This tool shows the main competitors, keywords that are grabbing more traffic for your site. By doing analysis, you can fix few things to position your site higher in search engines.



CRAWLER REPORT: This report shows you pages and internal links of website crawled by Seomator. It helps to provide data of broken links, wrong response code server, non-existent pages, pages that contain redirect to other pages and pages with other errors.


PDF EXPORT: You can edit and export the full report of the website as PDF file.

Plans and pricing

You can choose from free and premium plans as per your requirements. To know more about the current plans & pricing CLICK HERE.    Use our coupon code – ashutoshjha and get 25% off for 3 months on any subscription plan.


I’m sure now you will have a better perspective about the Seomator tool’s offerings and benefits. Although you could find similar tools in the market such as RavenTools, Botify, deepcrawler, TrustRadius, and BrightEdge etc, it has some of the features such as Fully Customized Reports, White Label, Bulk Processing and How-to-Fix recommendations, and Monitoring Alerts Tool at a better cost. This is reason Seomator still stands out in the market!