Elucidation of Life

Elucidation of Life

Elucidation of Life

Sometimes we think, Why are we alive
Sometimes we think, Why are we here
Sometimes we think, do hell with this life
“Everything will be fine”, this everyone does swear

We all have a life to live it our way
But sometimes the situations may not make you gay
The world may seem so unfair to you,
Believe me, it’s not just that : it’s cruel too

Your life may seem to be like a poser,
You are angry when you don’t realize that the solution is closer
Sometimes our families also seem to be non-cooperative
Your parents, your own soul also feel abrasive.

But this is not the end of the world.
Some people you meet in your Life with whom your problems twirled
Who empathize with you and make you feel nice
They make your soul relieve, after it’s demice

The times will not always be in your favour
Happy moments of your life , then you have to savior
But there is a person to solve all your problems for you
That person is your soulmate , it’s you know who!

Your life, the world, the situations, if pathetic,
Your future which you don’t know, may just be aesthetic
If there is something useless, that is bothering you there
Just learn to move on and say ‘ I don’t care’

Sanskretti Jha

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