Spiderman Photoshop Pattern

Spiderman Photoshop Pattern

1 Photoshop Pattern from s0nkite for Photoshop CS2

Spiderman Photoshop Pattern

Author: s0nkite

Web site: s0nkite

Photoshop Pattern: 1 in set

Category: Pattern

File size: 4.71 KB

Terms of use: Not available.

Description: I made it from a metal thing, It is tillable 100% in height and width.

In the image, you see I used also a radial gradient to multiply the Internal shadows.

Leave a comment don’t just download it I feel bad and I don’t want to share things then 😛

HOW TO: Copy the pattern file and paste it into, C:/Adobe/Photoshop/Presets/Patterns
I created it with Photoshop CS2 sorry if it doesn’t work in others
BTW credit it’s up to you, I don’t care.


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