Postage Label Photoshop Brush

Postage Label Photoshop Brush

These are mostly all large brushes, hi-res. I’m going to start creating Postage Label Photoshop Brush from vintage images mostly as that’s what I’m into, however, if there’s anything else you’d like turned into brushes give me a shout and I’ll give it a go.

These are available for:
Non-commercial use
Commercial use

HOWEVER – I do not want them repackaged and sold somewhere else. That’s not fair. Also don’t just plonk one down on a background and sell them on, again, that’s not fair considering the work I’ve put into them.

When I say commercial use, I mean you can add them to a piece of art, website, leaflet, poster, etc. or they can be added to cards, acts, actions, collages, scrapbooking, etc. but NOT to be sold on as an element by themselves.

That aside – use as you like. Message me with links to your images if you use them – that would be great

15 Brushes from FidgetResources for Photoshop CS2.

Postage Label Photoshop Brush

Author: FidgetResources

Web site: FidgetResources

Photoshop brushes: 15 in set

Category: Vintage.

File size: 999 KB

Terms of use: Not available.


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