Dive In Money With These 10 Best Kickass WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Dive In Money With These 10 Best Kickass WordPress Affiliate Plugins
Dive In Money With These 10 Best Kickass WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Affiliates are a good way to drive traffic to your site, Increase sales and exposure to products. Having more affiliates means more links and more difficulty in managing those links in real-time. And it can be time-consuming if you do it manually. Tracking thousands of links from hundreds of affiliates or so can give you a stroke.

Ok! Then Why we need Affiliate Marketing Plugins?

We need Affiliate plugin to manage all the Affiliate Links and keep an eye on transactions and clickings that are impossible if we do it manually. So by using these affiliate plugins, we can manage all our hassles very early. which in turn, increases productivity and the revenues.

How does it Work?

Have you ever thought how Affiliate Marketer earns on their website without penalizing by Google? The trick is simple they use Affiliate Plugins to market things up. What they actually do is they clean up those what you call it as spammy links into a shareable and more valid link that doesn’t get penalized by google bots.

So today I am going to talk about these 10 Best kickass WordPress Affiliate Plugins. There are plenty of them in the market and so many developers are continuously working to get some other in the market too.

Some are free and most of them are paid according to the features and the development cost involved in it. So here we found some great plugins that get you going in the long run.

1) Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is the link management plugin for WordPress which features link cloaking. The plugin is powerful and minimalistic in its nature. It is available for free. It comes in three versions i.e Bloggers packGreen Ninja Bundle, and “The Lot“. You can purchase some add-ons that are necessary with this plugin.

My most favorites are the Geolocations and Google Click Tracking. Geolocation target visitors with country specific affiliate links and the Google click tracking detects affiliate link and adds google analytics event tracking.

Thirsty Affiliates


2) Pretty Link

With Pretty link you shrink, cloak, share and organize all your links on your server. You will get advance statistics and conversion reports. So it gives you a tonne of options like automatic link insertion and Affiliate Disclosure. It comes in two versions Pretty link lite (Free) and three Pro versions Beginner, Marketer, and Executive.

pretty link


3) AffiliateWP

With nice and easy interface affiliate wp is a fully fledged affiliate managing plugin in the market today. It has got almost everything from commission percentages, cookie duration, affiliate pages and various other things easily.

You can further integrate AffiliateWP with awesome plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, PayPal Buttons, and so much more to push your affiliate program to greater heights. It comes in Ultimate, professional, Plus and personal versions.

Affiliate Wp


4) Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a bundle which includes 35 plugins altogether. From affiliate to click counting Referrals, Payment Gateways, Opt-ins and much more it has everything in one pack.

The interface is nice and easy and you can see all your referrals, transactions, unpaid referrals altogether. Talking about the price it’s only 37$ at Codecanyon.

Ultimate Affiliate pro


5) Affiliate Manager

If you are searching for a program which can run your own affiliate program you need this plugin. It integrates with woo-commerce, easy digital download and almost each and every plugin.

It provides real time reporting, Unlimited affiliates, Flat or percentage based payouts, manual payout, Unlimited ads for your affiliates, autoresponder integration, Affiliate ad impression tracking.



6) Affiliates

Introduced to you by itthinx and Kento Affiliates is a feature rich plugin for affiliate management purposes. Let’s see what the plugin has to offer.

It can create affiliates easily and track an unlimited number of affiliates. The plugin has been downloaded by 6k users. It is available in Pro and Enterprise Versions. Notifies affiliate approval.



7) Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale is a true contender affiliate plugin in terms of integration. It can easily integrate with MemberPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Authorize.net, Shopp and so much more.

You can easily monitor clicks, sales, and payments from the dashboard itself. You can maintain your brand with your own Banners and Links.

Affiliate Royal


8) WordPress Affiliate & Referral

WordPress Affiliate & Referral is clean and easy. Adding and tracking affiliates is a baby’s fun. With PayPal mass, you can pay all your affiliates at the same time. This plugin is cheap and costs only $20.

With real-time reporting, Awesome shortcode and unlimited referrals it shines among all the affiliate plugins out there in the market.

It also provides an android app to track your program on the go. Social sharing buttons, notifications, and cookies are some good features too.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral


9) Easy Affiliate Links

As the name says it’s really easy to add all your affiliate links to one place. With this, you can create Shortlink to cloak your Affiliate Links. Easily access your affiliate links from your visual editor.

It assigns categories to your affiliate link as well. Provides option to import and export your affiliate links to XML.



10) LeadDyno

This affiliate plugin provides you with a 14 days trial or you can signup for a monthly subscription. You have the option to purchase the WordPress plugin or you can go for the standalone software.

It has a robust lead tracking built in which tracks exactly where a lead came from not just from which affiliate it came from. The plugin has also the ability to track a specific domain from multiple sub-domains.

Lead Dyno


Which affiliate marketing plugins should you choose?

Basically, it all depends on the preferences. For some people plugin with the basic need to handle all the affiliate link will work. Some want to go for the Geo-Targeting and Clicks Tracking.

In my opinion, three things matter while purchasing a software. Software with Ample feature – ask yourself if it fits your requirement, Easy UI– ask yourself if the user interface is easy to understand and Cost – ask yourself how much you are ready to invest.

I would definitely choose between Thirsty Affiliates and Pretty Link Pro. But keeping in mind that pretty link is chargeable on per year basis. I would go for the plugin with one-time investment and for that particular reason, Thirsty Affiliates would be my first choice.

Tell us how you think about this post and Do comment for your favorite Affiliate plugins for WordPress

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