Top 10 SEO Ranking Tips For Every Local Business

Top 10 SEO Ranking Tips For Every Local Business
Top 10 SEO Ranking Tips For Every Local Business

Most businesses struggle with one major problem, the one thing they can’t ignore – competitors. It’s like a big fish-eat- a small one and as a local business, it’s important to be the biggest fish in the city. Well, you can’t beat up companies or businesses that already exist for many years, but it not impossible for you to achieve that popularity.

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Another thing is as a local business you have to always keep tab of the constantly changing list of Google ranking factors. For small businesses, listing their services locally can be tough with Google completely destroying your strategy with new algorithm updates, which allows business outside the geographic area to compete for local spots If they provide service in that area.

With these 10 SEO ranking tips you can quickly move up your business in Google searches:


It’s important to claim all listing under your business name and remove any duplicates. But, it’s really a difficult task to find all the listings associated with your business. To make that process easy for you, we suggest using Moz Local. It is a great tool to detect complete, incomplete, inconsistent and duplicate listings associated with your business.


Search engines crawl sites and find the most significant matches to provide as search results. To make sure search engines locate your listing, you need to create a separate landing page for each of your business locations.

Remember, to include specific suite numbers, street, avenue, road, etc.


Ensure Business name, address and phone number (NAP) and all sorts of information are consistent everywhere.  So, search engines can provide correct information to the internet surfers.

It’s not just about mentioning your name and address correctly. But, if your business name includes LLC, Co. or Inc., you have to include that as well. Fill correctly the suite numbers, street, avenue and road names the way they are written everywhere.

You can start with the Moz Local search tool to do the changes and update information.


Internet users’ totally rely on you for the information they need. For SEO, it’s important to make it easy and quick for the users to identify information.


  • Log into your Google My Business (GMB) account
  • Check, if the fields of name, address and phone numbers are correct.
  • A brief about business solutions you’re offering
  • Add Website link and suitable time to contact (Business working hours)
  • A logo or pictures of the interior, exterior or product photos to give the impression to searchers that your page is genuine. ( Use only high-quality images)

If you have more than one location, don’t worry read this article for bulk uploading on GMB.


Reviews give an inside view of company’s products and services. Good reviews allow you to tackle three main components of conversion: ranking, click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate optimization (CRO), If customers are satisfied with your services encourage them to share review for you as a thank you for a positive experience, it helps in building positive image of your business and boost your ranking as well.


Create content keeping in mind your niche. This can hugely impact on your local search rankings. Read this blog post to learn more about local content creation.


Google keyword planner is a complete package, it’s a FREE tool that helps you in planning your local SEO keywords. It’ll provide you information regarding highest search volume, lowest competition and suggests keywords popular among your local audience.


Reach out to anyone you’ve been associated with as a partner or sponsor. Make a list of organization and businesses, send them a message, how you’ve been involved with them in the past and request them to add a link back to your website.


Link building is an important part of local SEO. Contact local websites related to your industry and if you are able to earn a link from higher ranking websites in your local area, you’ll move up in the search results.


Posting informative content is an effective way to increase your visibility in Google searches. Google pull out results from these social platforms, such as Facebook profiles and Google+ reviews, your business’ page on LinkedIn or YouTube channel and even your Twitter account and much more.

Keeping it up-to-date is a great strategy for Local SEO!

Do you have any query for local SEO? Leave a comment.

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