10 Ninja Writing Tips To Hook Your Reader To Your Website

10 Ninja Writing Tips To Hook Your Reader To Your Website
10 Ninja Writing Tips To Hook Your Reader To Your Website

The most significant part of online marketing is getting the attention of readers. Your brilliant ideas and your knowledge would be of no use if you don’t have readers’ undivided attention.

One way would be, to present you as a person, who genuinely cares and want to help people. Suggesting some actionable solutions, before selling them something, can be one thing you must remember.

If you have come this far, that means I have your attention?

Now, I will guide you how to capture someone else’s attention with ninja writing tips? See, it’s difficult for a reader to pay attention to everything that’s there on the website.

ninja writing tips

The human brain focus is limited, and can’t capture all information at one time, so it screen out irrelevant information and focus on specific things only –  to properly understand the situation or information.

Individual’s interest decides what to “pay attention “to, and its choices are the main factor or a reason for their attention to something.

So, the first step should be to show, why they need to listen to you.

ninja writing tips


We assume prospect see the way we see. The most common mistake we make is focusing on our self while creating the marketing communication, and thinking that they perceive what you perceive. To send your message across your target audience, you must pay attention to the communication part – is your message crystal clear, and does it help your prospects to see the way you see things.

  • There are many ways to do that, use personal experiences, storytelling or case studies to put the right message in front of them so they can make an informed decision.
  • Make it real. When you share personal experiences, people could relate to the personal incidents as they may have experienced a certain emotion or situation in their own life too. You get instant attention!
  • The best way to make your business messages personal is by adding emotions to them. Triggering a certain emotion is a great way to make people believe in your business.
  • To grab your audience attention, you can’t take chances by using jargon. Be direct, use commonly spoken words as you only have few seconds in your hands, and obviously you don’t want to confuse your audience with the message that takes too long to understand.
  • If you’re able to provide them valuable information, congratulations! You have just earned your first returning reader to your website and if they find it not worth their time, then they will never come back again.

For example, films take us to a journey or places that we can’t imagine, by their captivating narrative. And if you have said things or tell a story in a bad way, it can be frustrating for audience or reader.

An article or blog post will be a success or a failed attempt is based on how effectively it manages to engage with the audience.

ninja writing tips

Here are 10 ninja ways to cut down your competition and keep your readers interested.


The opening lines should intrigue the reader or something that tells readers about what they can expect to find. Always, make it clear in the beginning.


This is a fact; most people scan through the article and don’t have enough time to read long paragraphs. If a reader doesn’t find the blog interesting, they will immediately switch to another website. So, be straightforward and make it crystal clear for readers.


You’re online that doesn’t mean you can’t have a real conversation with your readers. Make your blog post interactive and communicate in such a way that shows you as a subject matter expert, otherwise, the readers will not come to you.


You have to understand your readers’ lifestyle, background, choices, and interest. Then, only you will be able to communicate your message effectively and appeal to them at an emotional level.


The most effective writing techniques are to break up the topic in sub-headings and sections to make it easy for readers to understand it better.

For example:

  • Introduction
  • Short Opening Paragraph
  • Subheading
  • Summary Sentence
  • Conclusion 

If you don’t enjoy researching, reading and writing about a particular topic, you won’t be able to produce quality content and your disinterest will reflect in your writings as well. Make sure the topic or things you choose to write about is of your interest, then only you’ll be able to spark some magic in readers’ mind.


At end of your every blog, start a dialogue between you and your readers. Encourage them to share their thoughts on the topic that you have covered. This will impact on your daily engagement on website or blog.


If you’re writing on some trending topic, spin the content and if your topic is old-school, present it with add-on content and in a new light.


The great George Orwell once said that writing should be clear like a glass pane. Never confuse the readers, be clear what you want to write and say it with clarity.


A picture is worth of thousands of words. Keep less text and don’t let your audience get bored or have a dull moment while reading your blog. Illustrations are important to depict a certain situation or evoke an emotion in the heart of your audience which you can’t-do just by words.

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