Why Seomator Is The Right SEO Tool For Website?

Why Seomator Is The Right SEO Tool For Website?
Why Seomator Is The Right SEO Tool For Website?

Targeting blindly doesn’t work in SEO. You first have to do the analysis of competition, keywords, existing links, crawl errors, HTML improvements, page speed, and so much more.

By doing so, you will be able to make the user experience better at your website. But, it can be really difficult to check everything manually, and there are many tools available online to make your life easier.

For example SEMrush, Woorank, Majesticseo, Ahrefs, Seranking, etc. which you can use for different purposes. I recently used one more SEO tool, Seomator – With Seomator you can monitor your web projects with a variety of easy-to-use tools.

I logged into my premium account and added my website: to know the feedback and suggestions to improve it. Once the tool finished checking, I was able to get the full report and analysis of each page in detail.

Why Use Seomator?

It is the best SEO tool that is specially designed for SEO practitioners to do website analysis and site audit. It’s a great tool that allows you to review website’s performance, spy on competitors, and count social sharing.

Take a look at some of the benefits and features of Seomator:


It helps to do microdata reports, social reports and much more. Always keep an eye on your competitors’ rankings, and your website backlinks, keywords, SERP data, AdWords ad and search volumes.

With accurate data, insights, and statistics you get to know how your business website or blog is performing online, and results give you a chance to further make changes, and improvements.

The best thing about Seomator is their support team takes your suggestions and implements those ideas to improve their platform experience


CONTENT QUALITY: This tab shows the content report related to plagiarized / duplicate content within your website. It helps you identify the similar content, issues related to low ranking and solutions to fix it.


HTML TAGS:  To optimize the content some HTML tags are important in SEO such as Meta tags, heading Tags, EM and strong tags. This tool allows you to identify missed or duplicate tags and how to correct it.


TEXT STATISTICS: whether you write content for website or blog – One thing you should always keep in mind never repeat words or phrases.

Repetition of words or keywords in the blog post referred as keyword Density.  For best SEO practice it is advised to keep Keyword density below the 6%. In my opinion, you should not forcefully try to fit keyword, if it is going with the flow of content, then it’s good.

So, with the help of Seomator tool, you get to know about the words which are repeated and easily can change to make it perfect.



MOBILE USABILITY:  It helps you to know how your website is performing on various devices. So, you will be able to correct the issues related to user experience. Also, it’s an important factor in Google mobile search ranking.


STRUCTURED DATA: It is a way to label content according to a type of information, such as review, events, and person information.



SITE STRUCTURE: This report shows the website’s pages structure. A good example of site structure will have smaller no. of levels as that adds convenience for indexing site by web crawlers.



INTERNAL LINKS: It analysis the incoming, and outgoing links such as text links, image links. To increase the Page weight, there should be more incoming links and less outgoing links. Search engines get to know about the authority, and importance of the pages through its incoming links.


PAGE SPEED:  In the online medium speed is important. Users coming to your website expect fast load times. It also impacts traffic to your website and ranking in organic search results.


SOCIAL MEDIA: This option provides summarized report of social media likes shares and even display links to pages of your blog or website.



BACKLINKS: It provides you with a comparison chart for follow vs. No follow links and it gives you the number of backlinks, referred at the site, and analytics as well.


ORGANIC PRESENCE: This tool shows the main competitors, keywords that are grabbing more traffic for your site. By doing analysis, you can fix few things to position your site higher in search engines.



CRAWLER REPORT: This report shows you pages and internal links of website crawled by Seomator. It helps to provide data of broken links, wrong response code server, non-existent pages, pages that contain redirect to other pages and pages with other errors.


PDF EXPORT: You can edit and export the full report of the website as PDF file.

Plans and pricing

You can choose from free and premium plans as per your requirements. To know more about the current plans & pricing CLICK HERE.    Use our coupon code – ashutoshjha and get 25% off for 3 months on any subscription plan.


I’m sure now you will have a better perspective about the Seomator tool’s offerings and benefits. Although you could find similar tools in the market such as RavenTools, Botify, deepcrawler, TrustRadius, and BrightEdge etc, it has some of the features such as Fully Customized Reports, White Label, Bulk Processing and How-to-Fix recommendations, and Monitoring Alerts Tool at a better cost. This is reason Seomator still stands out in the market!

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