Secret To Create Brand Awareness Via Facebook Revealed

Secret To Create Brand Awareness Via Facebook Revealed

How to get the word out loud and clear on Facebook?

Firstly, identify your consumer, what would be the specific products and services they are most interested. Perhaps more importantly, you need to make a lasting impression. But, how can we make a difference while promoting our brand on Facebook?

Here are some useful tips you should keep in mind while promoting your brand through Facebook:

Secret To Create Brand Awareness Via Facebook Revealed


Don’t be so full of yourself while advertising your brand on Facebook. But be careful while posting promotional links to your services. The Consumer will not share your content on Facebook or any social media platform for that matter.

Did someone post a decent remark about your merchandise?

Strike up the conversation by simply; sending a thank-you note to let them know they are important for you. This will help you gain better engagement. Regularly, respond to the comments and try to be conversational while interacting with your fans & followers.


They say the photo is worth a thousand words. So true!

In order to grab the eyeballs of consumers on social media you should use visuals while posting your content,  Statistics show consumer is more interested in videos; infographics as that helps them understand better.


The word of mouth plays an important role in shaping your brand image better among consumers. Sending a gift hamper to your loyal consumers once in a while will help you build a  strong relationship with customers.


Don’t turn them off by sending promotional messages about your products and services. If you are doing this, you probably don’t have a clue about what’s trending?

User-generated content is an effective way of marketing that gives them space to express and contribute to your brand image. Make the consumer everyone’s center of attention. That’s the secret mantra for campaign success. I would like to share with you the user-generated campaign of Coca-Cola – #ShareaCoke

Coca-Cola Campaign: Music is seen as a Universal language. The focus was to bring a sense of unity for its diverse customer base. Coke partnered with Shazam app to launch the campaign.

Customers have to scan the lyrics through Shazam app printed on a Coke, record and share lip-sync videos with the hashtag. Official Facebook page of Coke was loaded with the user-generated Content. #ShareaCoke was a massive success on social media.

Secret To Create Brand Awareness Via Facebook Revealed

Follow these 4 Tips to Build Brand Awareness on Facebook

Now, to measure the success or failure of the Facebook campaign. Take a look at some effective ways to calculate the ROI of the Facebook campaign:

Firstly, what do you want to achieve from your Facebook campaign?


  • Social engagement (Share, like, comment)
  • More website clicks
  • Increase Conversion rates


How much traffic comes via Facebook to your website? Tricky, isn’t it?

Facebook Off-site Pixel help you in tracking  Leads, Checkouts, Adds to cart, Registrations, Key page views, and other website conversions.

Secret To Create Brand Awareness Via Facebook Revealed


Once you know what works and what’s not, it will be easy to adjust and change your Facebook campaign accordingly. But you need to review this on a regular basis.

Now let’s get down to work!

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